Amsterdam - Eight lions, which once protected our hotel from the roof, returned! 

In order to restore the 150-year-old hotel to its former historic glory, documents of the Amsterdam City Archives were thoroughly studied. One interesting detail stood out; eight lion statues, which crowned the corners of the iconic landmark, had mysteriously disappeared. Since the hotel could not collect prove as to whether the lions still excisted, a replica of the lions served as a model for the design of the Amstel Lions. 

On Monday the 29th of January, our special Lions Ceremony took place. Our General Manager, together with the director of Artis Royal Zoo and the architect of the restoration, had the honour to reveal the first Amstel Lion on the roof of the hotel! Their names are 'Sammy' and 'Friendly' and are devised by Mick (7) and Mara (7). The return of the protective lions marks the final phase of the restoration of our facade and roof.

After one year and one day, the Amstel Hotel is again ready for its future generations...

OG250 18.01.29 Presentatie Leeuwen 4911 min

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